• Hamzah Mayaki posted an update 1 year, 10 months ago

    She’s black,
    Soft lips,
    I see stars in her eyes,
    I can feel the warmth of heaven in her arms,
    Her Smile is like a Golden sun,
    Heart’s made of diamond,

    I’m in love with the sweetness of her voice,
    The taste of her lips,
    The tenderness and the softness of her skin,
    She carries heaven in her mind,

    I close my eyes sometimes just to escape her Beauty,
    But even though I shut these eyes,
    I still see the beauty crystal clear,
    The beauty that set’s my heart on fire,
    I’m burning with love,

    My eyes are searching for her,
    My ears can’t wait to hear the rhythm of her voice,
    My mind want to touch her soul,
    My hands want to hold her,
    So we can walk into forever together,

    Don’t wake me up if I’m dreaming,
    Don’t right me if I’m wrong,
    I just want to paint my heart with the colours of her Love,
    She is Black,
    She is beautiful.
    She’s my Woman my soul.
    -;BLACK BEAUTY- Hamzah Ibn Mayaki