About The Competition

The Premium Arena will host a weekly Slam Poetry Competition with $1 (or Naira equivalent of N200) as the entry fee. The competition consist of 3 rounds as follows:
  1. The first round is decided based on the top 16 entries with the highest rating/ votes from other registered members of this site.
  2. The ‎2nd round is judged by 3 of our experienced and in-house poets. This is to ensure the 8 poems that will proceed to the final round are quality poems that have content, depth, word play, proper use of words and a message.
  3. The 3rd and final round will contain ‎the 8 poems as chosen by our judges. The winner of the slam will be determined by highest rating/ votes from other registered members of this site.
The winner of the slam gets to win the sum of $100 (or Naira equivalent of N20,000).

The General Rules

Rule 1: The use of swear words or offensive words make such entries invalid. We want it clean and poetic.
Rule 2: Maximum of 3 minutes for all entries.
Rule 3: We prefer audio entries/ uploads for the slam.

Specific Rules

  1. Round 1 poems will be based on the theme for the week, which will be released in the preceding week to the slam week. So stay alert.
  2. The subject/ theme of the Round 2 and 3 poems ‎is at the poets’ discretion.
  3. All poems must not be more than 3 minutes, should be in mp3 format and be a max of 100mb in size.
  4. Poems for round 1 must be uploaded on the Monday after the release of the theme of the week. Voting holds the next day i.e. Tuesday between 12pm to 6pm West African Time. The results will be announced at the end of the voting.
  5. Poems for round 2 must be uploaded on Wednesday and the results will be announced on Thursday.
  6. The Poems for round 3 must be uploaded on Friday and the result announced on Saturday.
The most important thing in the slam is for you to be yourself and express yourself.


Drop us a line and we'll get back to you asap.


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